Komizo Diagnostics

What is Komizo?

An interactive platform for patients and practitioners to communicate. Using a visual understanding of the patients symptom, the practitioner can build trust with the patient, educate, and communicate the needed treatment and home care. All of this on a simple to use interactive platform that any staff can use.

First, it builds the patients confidence in their condition through information and helps the practitioner quickly and easily triage the patients symptoms. It is like having your textbooks open in front of the patient and reading them together.

Second, it gives the practitioner the ability to explain the treatment necessary for their recovery from a summary linking to the cause of their problem.

Ergonomics plays a huge role in the speed and success of recovery.  We spend as much time educating patients on what to do as what not to do. Visual pictures of possible activities of daily life that exacerbate their condition accompany the spinal muscles. This is active ergonomic training for the patient encounter to make them better equipped for specific and speedy recovery. We are constantly adding to our patient education feature helping to connect the dots of the cause of their injuries.

Individual stretching pictures of the exact muscle involvement are included within each summary page allowing you to educate the patient on active home care between each visit. This gives you a point of contact for progress and the patients actively participate in their recovery.

Third, it has specific tools to educate and remind the patient about the active recommendations for their recovery. You can email or print directly from the Komizo website to save time and cost in a professional approach.  The patient goes home with the exact same material you used in office to teach them for stretching and home care.  Merely type the email address and send it directly to the patient saving time and money while giving you a modern approach to rehab.

Lastly, it brings high quality patient education, report of findings, and active rehabilitation to any office with a modern approach. No more charts hanging on the wall, no searching for the reference or anatomy.  You have the resources at your fingertips in a professional, easy to use application that any staff member can use!

Other Benefits:

It educates staff members on anatomy and exercises to increase congruency of care. It empowers the staff member to understand the anatomy and rehabilitation every time they use Komizo.

It improves also communication between team members by having the same information used in patient care. From stretches to therapy, every member of your team has the same pictures for their own reference.

  • Quickly and easily triage the patient’s symptoms.

  • Explain recommendations of treatment and ergonomics.

  • Educate and communicate to the patient about active recommendations.

  • Brings High Quality Patient Education, Report of Findings, Active Rehabilitation to any Office with a Modern Approach.

Our goal is to easily remedy this by simple to use technology. Komizo is a communication platform connecting the patient and doctor together by building the bond of understanding at each office visit. The patient confirms their reason for pain through visual pictures and the doctor can speak directly to the patient’s condition with recommendations using his or her clinical knowledge.

Komizo is designed to build the bond between the patient and practitioner establishing trust and confidence throughout their care. If patients knew what you know, they would do what you recommend. This is KOMIZO.
Why Komizo?…..It builds the trust and confidence of the doctor patient relationships.

Komizo Diagnostics Tutorial
Patient Struggling with Ear Pain Finds Relief with Chiropractic Care

Verbal communication is estimated at 30 percent retention from a patient encounter. A picture is a powerful way to communicate and it is based upon their choice. This makes them an active participant in their recovery. Patients love the understanding and the simple fact that the doctor “showed me my pain on the computer”. Following up with post encounter exercises through take home reminders helps to build another avenue for the patient to be consciously thinking of the office visit. How you use Komizo is up to you.

Building and retaining business is all about building relationships. The core of these relationships is confidence. Komizo gives patients confidence in their practitioner. You show them their pain, you connect the dots, you give them relief and confidence in understanding their problem. Nothing exists in healthcare like this.

Our Packages

Basic Subscription

  • Muscle Regions
  • High Resolution Anatomy
  • Therapeutic Stretches
  • Printer Friendly Stretches for your Patients
  • Pain Diagnostics
  • Single User Login
  • Tutorials and Unlimited Technical Support
  • E-mail Therapuetic Exercises directly to your patient

Premium Subscription

  • Includes everything in Advanced Package
  • Pain Diagnostics – Disc Level
  • Dermatome
  • Organs
  • Scleratome
  • Patient Education & ICD10 Codes
  • Up to 4 Simultaneous Logins
  • Range of Motion Diagnostics
Chiropractor uses Komizo Diagnostics during Telemed Video Conference to help patient’s pain

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